E very business in the Town of Bauline is required to have a valid Business Permit before commencing operations. This includes home-based businesses, non-resident businesses, commercial and industrial operations. Business Taxes are due and payable by 15 April of each year. If you are no longer operating a business within the Town of Bauline, please advise the Town in writing so that we can update our records. Any person who carries on more than one business in or from any one premise shall obtain a separate permit for each business.

When a business is carried on in or from more than one premise in the Town of Bauline, a separate business permit must be obtained.

To obtain a Business Permit, you must make an application to the Town of Bauline by completing the appropriate Business Application as listed below.

The Business Application fee is currently set at $100.00. Businesses commencing operations after the thirty-first day of July, in any year, shall have a fee of one half that amount.



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