Community Committee

T he Town of Bauline Community Committee’s purpose is to assist the Bauline Town Council in the overall management and operations of the Community Centre, as well as the Kitchen and Bar portions of the Bauline Town Hall and Community Centre. The Community Committee’s secondary objective is to fundraise for the Town’s recreational assets and activities (parks, playgrounds, walking trails, festivals and community events etc.).

The Bauline Community Committee is an incorporated non-profit organization. The Committee functions as a sub-committee of the Bauline Town Council. All revenues generated by the Committee shall be disbursed in the following priority:


Utilized by the Community Committee for their operational requirements in carrying out their assigned mandate.


Funds to be transferred to the Town of Bauline to defray the setup, equipment, supplies and operational cost of the Bauline Town Hall and Community Center;


Utilized to establish, enhance or conduct Town of Bauline recreational assets, activities or events. (parks, playgrounds, walking trails, festivals, ceremonies etc.)

The Community Committee has the delegated authority of the Town Council to conduct fundraising activities, grant application solicitations, and other revenue generating operations at their discretion. The Town Council shall maintain oversight of all committee sanctioned operations as well as the overall responsibility and liability of the Town/Committee functions, events and activities.

The Town Council retains the authority to regulate, amend or veto any Community Committee decision deemed inappropriate.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Town of Bauline Community Committee or any of our other Committees, please contact the Town Office at 709-335-2483, email us at or click here to send us a note.

  • Megan Hibbs, Chair
  • Kayla Eddy, Vice-Chair
  • Leah LeGrow, Secretary
  • Dana Sheppard , Treasurer
  • Charlie Hynes, Bar Manager
  • Donna Connors, Financial Officer
  • Mayor Craig LeGrow, Ex-Officio
  • Shelly Jordan, Member at Large
  • Dave Vincent, Member at Large
  • Dianne LeGrow, Member at Large
  • Doris LeGrow, Member at Large
  • Greg Whalen, Member at Large
  • Jackie LeGrow, Member at Large
  • John King, Member at Large
  • Kevin Ricketts, Member at Large
  • Kim Janes , Member at Large
  • Mae LeGrow, Member at Large
  • Pam Whittle, Member at Large
  • Shelly Murray, Member at Large
  • Yvonne King, Member at Large
  • We were married by Mayor Dredge at the Bauline Community Centre and it was a wonderful experience. I would recommend this venue to anyone! There was ample parking, spacious accommodations for a reception and a beautiful view.
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