Event Calendar

P lease take a look at our Event Calendar which displays all upcoming events, meetiongs and activities. To view events and activities for different months, click the < or > buttons located on the Event Calendar. For additional details on a specific event or activity, hover over the appropriate date on the Event Calendar to view a pop-up. For additional information, click the See more details link located on the pop-up window.

Green on the Event Calendar denotes that an event or activity has been booked.

Blue on the Event Calendar denotes the current date and may or may not have an event or activity booked.

Hall Reservations:
Prior to reserving the Hall, please ensure that the date and time you want to reserve for your event or activity is open and available.

  • We were married by Mayor Dredge at the Bauline Community Centre and it was a wonderful experience. I would recommend this venue to anyone! There was ample parking, spacious accommodations for a reception and a beautiful view.
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