Public Affairs

Town’s Public Affairs Committee Priorities are Set for 2018.

The Public Affairs Committee of the Bauline Town Council (Councillor Chris Palmer, Chair, and Town Manager, Craig LeGrow) met just before Christmas to set Public Relations’ priorities for the Town of Bauline.

The Committee sees itself as promoting (a) the internal operations of Council – that is, ensuring sound communications between Council and residents of the Town, and (b) the external operations of Council – that is, maintaining close communications or the Town with the media, government, neighbouring municipalities and appropriate provincial and regional municipal organisations.

One of the principal tasks of the new Town Council has been the preparation and approval of the 2018 Budget. While consultations on the Budget’s preparation were held with Town residents during the late fall, as in past years, Council intends to hold a Public Forum on the new Budget in early 2018. The Public Affairs Committee will issue a Media Release on behalf of the Finance Committee and Council to publicise the Public Forum.

Should Town residents have any Public Affairs related matters they wish the Committee to consider, please send an e-mail to the Committee’s Chair ( or Town Manager ( or call the Town at 335-2483.

Public Affairs

  • Joanne Whalen, Deputy Mayor
  • Craig Drover, Town Manager
  • Chris Palmer, Councilor
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