Emergency Response Committee

Committee Overview

The Bauline Emergency Response Committee (ERC) comprising Councillor Chris Palmer (Chair), Councillor Ralph LeGrow, Town Manager Craig Drover, resident Terry Hillier and Mayor Craig LeGrow (ex-Officio) held its first meeting in the Fall of 2017. The Committee recommended an ambitious set of safety-related activities for Council over the next year or so including the following.

The Town will sponsor a registered First Aid/CPR Training Course for 20 members of Council, Community Committee, other Committees of Council and Bar Staff to be held at the Community Centre in the Spring of 2018.

The Town will purchase a fully-stocked commercial/institutional First Aid Cabinet to be hung in the kitchen which contains all necessary medications, bandages and treatments for cuts, burns, abrasions, fractures and other common public-place accidents.

The Town will also acquire an on-site Automated External Defibrillator (AED) that can mean the difference in saving a person’s life on the spot or while waiting for an ambulance. A request for an AED unit to be donated to the Town has been send to a local corporation.

Five flashing Amber Alert Emergency Lights have been acquired for use on Town Councillors’ or Staff vehicles in emergency situations or during festive parades.

FThe Town will purchase a number of Emergency Consumer Items, such as batteries, transistor radios, flashlights, etc., in case of a lengthy power outage or other emergency.

FSix more Hand-Held Radios will be purchased and held at Councillors’ and Town Staff residences in various parts of Bauline for communications use in emergency situations.

FThe Town’s application for Funding Assistance to Purchase a Back-Up Generator to allow the Centre to function as a Warming Station/Emergency Centre during a lengthy power cut or other emergency has been upgraded and submitted for the 2018 year.

FPartly to offset the impact of a lengthy power cut, but also to provide long-term cost savings in powering the Town Offices and Community Centre, the Town is actively exploring the Opportunities and Cost of Installing Wind Turbine and Solar Panels at the Centre.

FThe second meeting of the Emergency Response Committee will take place during February 2018. Should Town residents have any safety-related matter they wish the Committee to consider, please send an e-mail to the Committee’s Chair (chrispalmer@townofbauline.ca) or Town Manager (manager@townofbauline) or call the Town at 335-2483.

Committee Members

Councilor Chris Palmer, Chair

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