What do I do if I see a roaming dog?

If you see a roaming dog, please call the Animal Control Officer, Megan at 437-6532 ext. 285 or the Town Office at 335-2483.

Can I burn brush in my backyard?

You will require a permit from the Department of Forestry to burn brush in your back yard during Forest Fire Season… normally from 1 May – 15 October. For more information call 729-4180.

What do I have to do to build a new House?

Print off and complete the development application from the website under Residents, Applications & Permits, or call/drop by the office (335-2483). You will require:

A survey,
Location Plan
A set of house plans,
Septic Design
Highway Access Permit
And pay the application fee of $100.00 + $1.00 per square meter of your house plans.

These items are to be delivered to the Town Office, where the information will be reviewed against the Towns Municipal Plan and Development Regulations, by the Town Manager. Your file will be reviewed at the next Council Meeting. If this is approved the measurements will be confirmed at the building site by Town staff prior to a permit being issued.

To obtain a Highway Access permit phone the Foxtrap division of the Department of Highways at 1-709-834-3961 to set up an appointment.

What will I do if my water pressure has dropped?

If your water pressure drops, call the Town Office for instructions.

Do I need a permit to build a shed/garage?

Yes. You will need a permit to construct an accessory building. The process and application form is the same as for building a house, except you do not need a septic design or highway access permit. The application fee is the same as well.

Do I need a permit to replace my windows, siding or a deck etc.

Yes. You will need a permit to replace the windows, shingles, siding, deck etc to the exterior of your house. However there is no cost for the permit, and it does not have to be reviewed at a council meeting. The Town Manager has the authority to issue this permit.

Are Council Meetings open to the Public?


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