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Bauline! What a great place to call home, raise a family and visit! Bauline is a very picturesque town in Conception Bay.

We are a growing town located just 15 kms from St. John’s, minutes from the Marine Drive Park and we are part of the Killick Coast! We have a beautiful, newly built, community centre that was completed just two years ago. A modern facility with up-to-date technology to host weddings, parties, fitness classes, meetings and many other functions, with a kitchen, a bar and a beautiful patio deck. The East Coast Trail passes through our town. Going to Portugal Cove in one direction and to Pouch Cove on the other. We have a wharf and harbour that is managed by the Bauline Harbour Authority and is used by both commercial and recreational fisher people.

For our residents, a beautiful and quiet place to live and call home. For our young families, a safe and vibrant environment to raise your children.

As Mayor, I will promise to work hard along with the other councillors, to keep our town moving forward in a positive direction creating an active and vibrant community for all of our residents.

With the ongoing support of our residents and volunteers, we will keep Bauline moving forward and be the envy of all towns around us. We may be small, but with the support of our community we can be strong!

I am looking forward to working for you and with you, to reach our goals for our beautiful place we call home, Bauline.

Thank you.

Bauline History

Bauline is located on the Northeast Avalon Peninsula along the Killick Coast. The town was incorporated in 1988 and currently has approx. 400 residents. The Town is within a 20 minute drive of the Provincial Capital City and the St. John’s International Airport, yet maintains a rural atmosphere.

The original settlers came to Bauline for the summer fishing season from the communities of Broad Cove, Blackhead and Lead Cove, located on the western shore of Conception Bay. The first permanent settlement began in Bauline around 1800. Family names which are common in Bauline today include those of the original settlers such as Whalen, King, LeGrow and Butler.

The date of settlement is not clearly known, but church records do give some indication of the growth of the community. A Methodist chapel, (now the United Church), was first established in 1834, however, church records show that the first Methodist Preacher visited Bauline in 1821. The church was directed from the Gower Street United Church in St. John’s. In 1872, the communities of Pouch Cove and Bauline had their first resident minister.

The first permanent church in Bauline was built between 1901 and 1903 and was replaced by the present church in 1921.

The oldest gravestone identified in the church yard is dated 1881, however, purportedly the original graveyard, located in the centre of the village, is much older, (no headstones remain today).

The present street pattern of Bauline Cove is a relic of the original, somewhat haphazard, clustering of homes. Houses were traditionally located as close as possible to the water.

Kitchen gardens were located apart from the houses, on hill areas such as that around the present intersection of Bauline Line and Pouch Cove Line.

Visitors and residents can enjoy the world class hiking along the East Coast Trail, and the high hills surrounding the town provide a panoramic view of Conception Bay.


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